Asian Elephant
Scientific name : Elephas maximas
Order/Family : Proboscidea/Elephantidae
The Asian Elephant is the largest land mammals. They normally grow to around 2 to 3.6 meters (7–12 feet) tall and 3,000–5,000 kilograms (6,500–11,000 pounds) in weight. They have tusks for both male and female. Any males who have tusks we call them “Xang pray” or bull elephant, for bull elephant with short tusks we call “Xang se dor” for female elephants we call ” Xang Pang”
Their lifespan is up to 70 years. They eat all kinds of vegetation, such as grass, leaves and etc.
In a day, they consume 200 kilograms of food approximately. The tusks are used to dig and to move obstacles in their way. Elephants live in a group and follow the eldest. They are endangered species because they were hunted for their tusks by human.
Our Unique one is a male elephant named Phraya Chaiyamonkol. He is very special from his kind because his body’s colour is entirely white/ albino. He has a good appearance and intelligent. He was born in Xaignabouli Province, Lao PDR. In Asian cultures, they are a symbol of wisdom. In addition, the Asian cultures consider albino elephants, which are white, to be sacred.

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